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Alianne of Pirate's Swoop and the Copper Isles

Revolutions: Week 15; Period Five

Aly was nowhere to be seen when the class (and their assorted kidlets) entered the Danger Room.

Instead a girl and boy stood where Aly usually would.  They exchanged smirks 60% of the time and tried not to giggle the other 40%.  Finally, they settled down, looking like they were on an important mission.

"Hi.  He's Thomas," the girl said.

"And she's Joanie."  They both smirked.

"We don't know where our mom is.  She had to go, uhh, take care of something."  There was a burst of giggling, but they overcame it.  "So we want to play paintball with all of you.  Because it's about tactics and skill and totally is necessary for formenting a proper revolution.  Also?  It's fun and we're going to beat all of you." 

Thomas ran over to the control center and keyed in a sequence that brought up a huge paintball court with multiple levels, netting blinds, barricades, anything you could think of that would be useful in a paintball fight to the death.  It was probably better not to ask how they found the paintball sequence so rapidly.

Joanie grinned.  "Kids get extra rounds.  All the weapons and safety gear - if you're a big chicken - is over there."  She gestured to where racks of guns, pads, face shields, helmets were standing.

They glanced at each other again and exchanged nods.  "Ready, set, go!"

[OOC: Setup of the Danger Room is completely moddable.  Kidlets and other people who aren't in the class are totally welcome to come play.  Thomas and Joanie think they're funny so a number of the guns won't fire after the first round.  Feel free to play with that as you like.  OCD is coming up.]
Tags: revolution
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